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Aceites 2B Aceites 2B Aceites 2B Aceites 2B

Aceites 2B was founded in Andalusia as an offshoot of a thriving family business, with decades of experience in the major economic sectors of agriculture, livestock and hunting. These activities have led to a passion for the land and its olive groves, which finds its focal point in the family estate, where the organic olive groves, the heart of Aceites 2B, are located.

The farm is situated near the city of Cordoba, on the foothills of the Sierra Morena mountains between the towns of Almodovar del Rio and Posadas. The farm combines a range of different activities, from organic agriculture and livestock farming to hunting and tending the 40 acres of organic olive groves. What makes the olive plantation so special is that just next to the olive groves stands the farm’s own mill, equipped with all the latest technology, where the organic olives are pressed.

The wooded pastureland, known as dehesa, is used in the traditional way for raising cattle and Iberian pigs, both using organic farming techniques. At the same time, following careful planning to guarantee maximum production and sustainability, it is used for crops and for hunting local game, such as red deer, wild boar, roe deer or partridge.

The benign climate and the unique characteristics of the local ecosystem, together with sound professional planning and skilful management of these three main areas of organic farming, make the farm an ideal setting for obtaining organic products of the highest quality.

The essence of 2B Olive Oil is born from the land itself and the ideal balance between traditional farming methods and the latest technological advances. In this way, the organic olive grove is a perfect example of this symbiosis between the ancient Andalusian countryside and modern production techniques.