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Aceites 2B, comes from the heart and passion of Blanca Sánchez Ramade Gutierrez de Ravé.

Representative of a new generation of young Andalusian entrepreneurs, Blanca embodies, with renewed vigour, the traditional principles of integrity and commitment to society and the environment passed down to her by her family. Like many of her generation, she has a driving ambition to create something of her own; and her enthusiasm and profound love of the Andalusian countryside has given rise to her true vocation in life, to produce the best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Aceites 2B

And this is how Aceites 2B was born, a young olive oil with character and quality. BLANCA has a passion for doing things well and enthusiasm for producing a top quality organic product, and thus the ancient olive-growing tradition is renewed.

Aceites 2B, is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the best quality olive oil.
Aceites 2B, is organic, the best olive oil for the future.
Aceites 2B, like the philosophy which inspires it, represents the best of Andalusia, the best of a new generation.

The philosophy on which our project is based is extremely demanding but quite simple: to blend tradition and innovation. This idea is reflected in the brand name, too, which sounds vibrant and new but also has a strong emotional significance. The name has a double meaning: 2B and TO BE. Firstly, 2B represents the spirit of two women (both named Blanca), the union of mother and daughter, and all the inspiration, experience, tradition and roots which that unity evokes. It also means “TO BE” and reflects the effort we make in the present and all our enthusiasm for the future.

Excellence is one of the bywords in the philosophy of Aceites 2B. It is not just a matter of producing a high quality product with the utmost care in the production process, but it is our aim to go one step further and set a benchmark for quality in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil sector.

The whole team at Aceites 2B shares this highly ambitious vision. So much so that the project is not seen merely as transforming the raw material (olives) into Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but more as a way of contributing on a national and international level to “olive culture". To achieve this, Aceites 2B collaborates with public and private institutions to carry out research programs, joint projects and exhibitions to help the public become more aware of how unique olive culture really is. Thus, we help both to keep up the tradition and to spread innovation and quality in the olive oil sector, with the ultimate aim of helping to conserve the historical heritage of Andalusia.