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Aceites 2B

Our 2B PREMIUM Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the fruit of all the loving care and attention we pay to our Arbequina, Picual and Lechin olive trees. It is an exquisite olive oil, most agreeable to the palate.

2B Premium is rich and full-bodied, with aromas of tomato leaf and artichoke and notes of green banana. Its intense fruitiness is reminiscent of early spring mornings, when the smell of freshly-cut grass brings a faint promise of all those special moments to come.

Its full character is revealed in the taste, with a robust initial impression leading to a balance of peppery and bitter sensations. The green attributes, reminiscent of tomato, with stem and grass in the nose, shine through with greater persistence and personality, and enhance the final olfactory-gustatory balance.

In the kitchen, it is perfect for dressing salads or warm vegetables or for sautéing, as well as for seasoning or accompanying game and meat dishes. Added to legumes like chickpeas, lentils and beans, it provides a tasty seasoning, both in traditional stews and in salads, where a drizzle of this oil works wonders.

Use it for frying marinated meats or chips and for strongly flavoured fritters. Add a splash of oil on cold cuts, smoked meat or fish and beef tartare or carpaccio: these dishes will reach another dimension with PREMIUM 2B. But what we feel best brings out the qualities of our olive oil is to drizzle it on a fresh slice of country bread or a luke-warm freshly baked potato.

Aceites 2B

The 2B BLANQUITA line is, by nature, a delicate organic extra virgin olive oil. The perfect blend of Arbequina and Picual varieties produces a sweet, gentle, silky taste.

The strongest aromas are reminiscent of grass and green fruits, with a hint of herbs and apple.

The positive bitter, pungent attributes show a smooth intensity, and banana stands out among minor notes of almond and fruit. These sensations bring back memories of the home-made blended fruit of our childhood.

Perfect for smooth, mild dishes and ideal for stylish new culinary creations, it is specially formulated for children and packed with healthy antioxidants.

2B BLANQUITA is a perfect feature for children's diets, as kids will love its delicate, almost spongy texture, and it will help introduce them to the marvellous world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.